25 Jul 2018

Highfield HACCP Level 3


2 day course


Highfield Level 3 Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing (RQF)

Course Content (Auditing)

  1. Purpose of audit
  2. Benefits and limitations
  3. Implications of inadequate audit
  4. Auditor competencies and characteristics
  5. Stages of audit
  6. Factors affecting frequency and duration of audit
  7. Basis for audits
  8. Collection of data
  9. Converting raw data
  10. Determination and closure of problems
  11. Purpose of reporting the audit

The learner will

The learner can

1. Understand the importance of HACCP based food safety management procedures

1.1 Identify the need for HACCP based food safety management procedures

1.2 Recognise legislation relating to HACCP

2. Understand the preliminary processes for HACCP based procedures

2.1 Identify the requirements of a HACCP team

2.2 Outline the pre-requisites for HACCP

2.3 Identify the purpose of accurately describing food production processes

2.4 Identify benefit of process flow diagrams in the development of HACCP based food safety management procedures

3. Understand how to develop HACCP based food safety management procedures

3.1 Outline how to conduct a hazard analysis

3.2 Outline the purpose of, and methods to determine, critical control points and control points

3.3 Identify methods to establish critical (safe) limits

4. Understand how to implement HACCP based food safety

4.1 State how monitoring procedures at critical control points can be established, implemented, used and recorded

4.2 Identify the importance of effective corrective actions

5. Understand how to verify HACCP based procedures

5.1 Identify documentation and record keeping procedures for HACCP

5.2 Outline verification and review procedures

2 day course — £210 per person.