25 Jul 2018

HABC Level 3 Auditing and Inspection Skills


1.5 day course


Highfield Level 3 Award in Effective Auditing and Inspection (RQF)

Course Content (Auditing)

  1. Purpose of audit
  2. Benefits and limitations
  3. Implications of inadequate audit
  4. Auditor competencies and characteristics
  5. Stages of audit
  6. Factors affecting frequency and duration of audit
  7. Basis for audits
  8. Collection of data
  9. Converting raw data
  10. Determination and closure of problems
  11. Purpose of reporting the audit

The learner will

The learner can

1. Understand the importance of undertaking effective auditing/inspection

1.1 Explain the purpose of an audit/inspection
1.2 Outline the benefits and limitations of audits/inspections
1.3 Explain the implications of undertaking an inadequate audit/inspection

2. Understand the competencies and characteristics of an effective auditor/inspector

2.1 Recognise the competencies required by an auditor/inspector
2.2 Recognise how the conduct and characteristics of an auditor/inspector impacts on an audit/inspection

3. Understand the importance of a planned approach to conducting effective audits/inspections

3.1 Explain the stages involved in the auditing/inspection process
3.2 Explain the factors that influence the frequency and duration of audits/inspections
3.3 Describe the basis for audits/inspections
3.4 Outline methods of collecting accurate and comprehensive data

4. Understand how to analyse and use evidence collected to inform the audit/inspection process

4.1 Explain the importance of converting raw data into coherent facts
4.2 Explain the importance of determining the sources of problems
4.3 Explain the purpose of an audit/inspection report

25 Hours — £215 per person.